Monday, September 16, 2013


Impact One Basketball hosted the "Tune Up Your Grind" preseason clinic for several girls this weekend in the Middle School high intensity Preseason Workout Clinic. The girls engaged in high intensity drills that displayed their need of continuous improvement in order to be the best player to their ability.. The IOB trainers focused on intense ball handling drills.. "thanks to the Ballin with Barber drills", the girls benefited tremendously from the intense ball handling drills and the conditioning drills.  During team play a few player caught my eye:

Kassidy Crawford- Homewood Middle School 8th grade-  The kid  likes to attack off the dribble with either hand looking to create contact and finish in traffic. Likes to push ball up the floor and did an excellent job against pressure. She is an attacking point guard with a knack for making big plays.

Aniyah Smith- WJ Christian 7th grade- Athletic frame and quickness helped her play solid defensively played extremely well she was a low post presence at both ends of the floor. She has good foot work and has a few effective post moves but needs to continue to work on low post game. She defended and patrolled the paint blocking shots and altering others.

Taylor  Aikerson- Pleasant Grove Middle School 8th grade--Athletic kid all around. Can you say finisher! The kid either produced in the paint or dropped dimes to her teammates. Aggressive at both ends of the court and has a knack for being around the ball. She anticipates and jumps passing lanes extremely well..